INNOVATVE Information Services is the solution for your every web-related need!

With our fast and reliable services, your website will be live in no time… and stay live! When you take advantage of services:
  1. No need for expensive servers or equipment, use ours!
  2. No need to spend hours designing or maintaining your site, we do it for you!
  3. 99.99% up time GUARANTEED!
Our professional staff is here to meet your every internet need, so with a simple email to our customer service department, you get a personalized and speedy response. What is it that you need today?

Before your site can be designed or developed, your website or application needs to be setup. INNOVATIVE Information Services provides the power to bring it to life!

  • Buy Domain names
    • The first step is choosing a domain name. And every domain needs to be “registered” online. We take care of that for you!
  • Domain Hosting
    • Hosting is providing the computer/server that maintains and houses the files for one or more Web sites. Basically, this gives your website somewhere to live!
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.
    • We can also provide SSL encryption to your site! If you want to do online billing or want to send confidential information through your website, you will probably want to have your website encrypted to keep your sensitive information safe and secure.

Every website and web application needs graphics, and INNOVATIVE Information Services has experienced graphics designers standing by to bring your ideas to life.

  • User Interface Design
    • How the users interact with your website is very important. It must be user friendly and appealing.
  • Banner Design
    • Banners are how you advertise on the internet for your website. Let us design eye-catching banners that will get people talking about you!
  • Flash Development
    • Flash consists of animated images that the user can interact with, making your site stand out from the competitors.

If your website needs more functionality, then you may need a web application. We can plan, design, and develop a solution for your needs!

  • Web-Application Development
    • Instead of just another informational website or blog, a web-application is an online program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Provide the power and flexibility to your organization that will allow for unlimited growth!
  • Database Design and Programming
    • To track customers, user accounts, shopping carts, blogs, or just about anything, a database must be used to capture and store this information. We can provide and program it for you!

In addition to being your solution to every online need, INNOVATIVE Information Services can also provide your company with these other services:
  • Hardware and Operating System Configuration
    • Does your company need new computers? We can build them and setup them up for you!
  • Network Installation and Troubleshooting
    • We can connect your office to the internet and/or setup all your workstations to share printers and files!
  • Design and Print Business Cards
    • Eye-appealing, professional business cards, designed, printed, and cut

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