INNOVATIVE Information Services offers WebSCS, a Web-based Service Coordination System that was designed for, and supports Allied Health Care Staffing organizations. The most flexible, reliable, and comprehensive ONLINE staffing software available today for health care staffing organizations, WebSCS provides a user-friendly, cost-effective and secure solution to health care staffing needs. Because it is web-based, it is available anywhere, anytime. Developed by staffing professionals, WebSCS connects all lines of communication between agencies, clients, and employees. WebSCS meets the needs of health care staffing agencies with its features that include online scheduling, online credential management, online applicant tracking, job order management and fulfillment, to billing and payroll. In one integrated system, WebSCS can meet all the needs of both single location agencies and national vendors seeking a Vendor Management system.

WebSCS provides services throughout the United States. Wherever there is a secure internet connection, an agencies’ clients, field staff, or branch staff all have access to the full functionality of WebSCS.

WebSCS is licensed, based on the applications contracted for, and on the number of users. There are one time fees and monthly fees that include all updates and basic application support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. IIS offers generous payment plans for qualified buyers.

Functionality, accessibility, integration, and support all have to be considered when choosing automation software. Does the software work the way you need your people to work, and does the software meet all of your needs? Accessibility, integration, and support are also important facets of the selection process. Is the software accessible by all of the stakeholders in your company, from Clients, to field staff, to your office staff, to your on-call staff? What are the hardware requirements of the software? Does the software integrate well with your other systems and computers? Is the software intuitive and easy to use? Is there a support plan in place? Is the software based on technologies that are going to stand the test of time?

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